Hey, I'm Jayce!
Take a picture it really will last longer!
Pictures are more than just posing with a beautiful background. I strive to capture those things, of course, but also how you felt in that moment so you can always remember these precious memories. You will be showing these pictures off for years to come so let's make them something you are so proud of!   


My Story 

Started River Guiding in Moab during summers in College
D Squad.jpg
Moved to Telluride and taught ski school!
We fell in love and decided to travel the world together.

Graduated from TCU!

Met Brian (who is from Ireland) in Telluride!
While traveling I fell in love with photography and understood how precious one moment is and here I am today!

Things I love!

  • Snow Skiing - I was a ski instructor in Telluride, Co for several years.

  • Hiking - I love the final destination but your girl has asthma so I love a slow pace. 

  • Road Trips - I will be the best DJ you have ever had and we will have many songs to sing. 

  • Bottomless Mimosas - tell me when and where. 

  • Corgis - I love all dogs but corgis are my favorites, I have one and her name is Mae.

  • Naps - I love lizard naps, cat naps, and disco naps. 

  • Swimming - I love all things water. During my summers in college, I was a river guide in Utah. 

  • Traveling - My boyfriend and I were able to spend almost a year traveling.

  • Spa Days - Massages are a personal favorite!


Want to see some of my Travels?

Click the below to find some new potential vacation spots! 

Enough about me, tell me about you!